Water Magic

Water is the essence of life. We are, in fact mostly water. As a fertilized egg we are 96 percent water; our adult bodies consist of more than 70 percent water. Amniotic fluid has a similar make up to seawater, and the fetus in the womb echoes our evolution from the ocean. Seventy percent of the Earth is covered by water. We are born in water and all life depends on it.

Water can take the form of a liquid, a solid, and a vapor. It is colorless but it enables us to see the colors of a rainbow. Water has no form, but gives form to everything. Water is billions of years old but can constantly rejuvenate itself.

Water is at the heart of many of life's rituals, from baptism at birth to the ceremonial washing of a body at death. There are water rituals for almost any event in life. Ensuring an easy birth, recovering from illness, succeeding in an examination or new job, attracting more money
or peace or wisdom--all can be encouraged by the ritual use of water.

Immersing yourself in a river is perhaps the most intimate contact you can have with a deity, and this symbolic consummation of the man/woman-god relationship may be the origin of the earliest water rituals. Shrines were often built in places of natural beauty where there was a river, a spring, or a waterfall. today's "shrines" have a more urban slant, and can be as mundane as the kitchen sink. Your bathtub, washing machine, swimming pool, or any other fixture of modern life can all be used for water rituals.

Water rituals include bathing, baptizing, cleansing, and purification. Even perfumes are an example of a small water ritual. Other rituals include having a home sprinkled with blessed water, spraying yourself with charged water to restore energy vibrations, and soaking in a
charged bath to draw in or release energy. Even the simple act of drinking a glass of water can be a ritual if you want it to be.

Ritual water works in two ways: it gives energy and it takes away energy. Water gives health, wealth, and wisdom because of its sacred origins or its blessed condition. It takes away evil, bad luck, or the spiritual grime of daily life by virtue of its purity and simple cleansing properties.

Water and Emotion

Water is the element of emotions and feelings. Qualities such as intuition, compassion, empathy, sympathy, devotion, aspiration, intention, appreciation, integrity, harmony, beauty, balance, serenity, fluidity, grief, apathy, joy, and love all have a different kind of
watery feel. Think of the different ways water moves. It can be like the tumultuous tumbling of a waterfall or the stillness of a stagnant pond. The magic of water is involved with pleasure, friendship, marriage, fertility, happiness, healing, sleep, dreaming, psychic acts, and
purification. If you are facing any sort of life problem in any of these areas, working with water can help.

Just the same as water itself, emotions are best dealt with if they are allowed to simply flow on their own. When you call upon water in your rituals, you will find that it has a smooth, calming effect. Its energy is crisp, cool, and refreshing. Water tends to have an initial impact,
and then it slowly dissipates. It has a ripple vibration that means its effects are lasting but can have a few waves here and there.

If you are using water to work with relationships, remember that it is a receptive element and is governed by the female aspect. Water is also a giving element, and it usually gives unconditionally. Any gift of love should come with no strings attached. Water teaches us to feel on an inner level, and this is why water is usually associated to intuition. Using this inner intuition almost leads to success.

Drinking Water Ritual

You can do this easy ritual with your children, family members and friends. Place a glass of water on a table in your kitchen or dining room. Gently say to the water, "I love you," and "thank you." At the same time, visualize all the waters on Earth connecting with each other.
Your love and thanks will be sent out to all the water on Earth through the water in the glass.

Place small notes or stickers saying "thank you" near your faucets or sources of water to remind you of the importance of expressing your gratitude to water. Each time you have a drink, bathe, water plants, wash laundry, or do anything involving water, give thanks for its
availability and usefulness.

The water element can help you manifest what you want in life. Think of how water can help things pick up speed and flow. Before drinking a glass of water, write down a word that embodies something you are trying to manifest in your life, such as "success." Tape the word to the glass and focus intently on it, then drink the glass of water, imagining it filling you with the qualities of the word.

Household water Ritual

While you are doing the dishes, washing vegetables before cooking, or washing your clothes in a sink, imagine your love and gratitude for water overflowing from your heart through your chest, shoulders, and arms, and going out through your hands into the water going down the drain pipe. Your vibrations will go through the flow of water very easily into the drain, into the nearby rivers, and finally into the ocean. The vapour from the ocean will build clouds and then the water will fall down as rain onto various parts of the world. In this way, the
energy of love and gratitude that originated from your heart will be transmitted all over the world through the water network. This is an easy ritual that you can do every day and every time you use water.

Group Water Blessings

Host a gathering of friends and family around a pond or a lake, or along a river or the seashore. Stand in a circle, holding hands, and say simple expressions of gratitude for the water. Remember that the power of prayer is proportional to the square of the number of people. What you give out, you will receive back. This is a great ritual to do for local bodies of water that need healing, but can also be extended to other places in need.

How about sending love and gratitude to the Jordan River to raise the vibration of water there? Many Israeli and Palestinian people are living along the river's banks. There is no border in the path of flowing water. People on both sides certainly drink the water originating from this river, and their bodies will be filled with the vibration of love and peace that you send.

Other areas of the world where wars and conflicts are continuing, such as the United States and Iraq, India and Pakistan, Afghanistan, nations in Africa, and so on, can all benefit from healing water prayers. Send love to the water where people are suffering from pain and sorrow. It will change into healing water, and everything and everybody will be filled with a vibration of love and harmony.

Alone or in a group, visualize that the vibration of love and gratitude is transmitting into the world's water as golden or silver light. Imagine that all of the waters of the world are clean, clear, and sparkling, making the whole planet shine brilliantly. When filled with the highest vibration of light, everything is healed and harmonized. Visualize the faces of all the people on Earth smiling. Then visualize the vibration overflowing like an endless fountain, reaching every part of the glove and healing the whole world.

Bathing Rituals

Water is the element of purification and can be a highly useful element to work with in solving everyday problems. If you've had a stressful day or you have pain in your body, you can use the water element to literally wash your pain and stress away. Just stand in the slower for several minutes and imagine all the pain, tension, anxiety, and strain leaving your body, and see the water carrying it all down the drain. The heat from warm water will also help melt away muscle tension.

Soaking in a bath can either help you purify and cleanse your aura or help draw in certain energies. For a purification bath, start with a clean tub. Fill it with warm water and add about two cups of sea salt. Swirl the water around counter clockwise with your hand to dissolve the
salt. If there is a particular issue you want to be freed of, focus on this while you imagine it dissipating and dissolving away with the salts. Soak in the tub for about twenty minutes, then pull the plug out. Stay in the tub while the water drains away completely, taking with it
any negativity.

If you are trying to attract a mate or want to make yourself more beautiful, take a copper scrubber (often used in the kitchen) and rub down your body with it gently in circular motions while you are in the shower. Copper is the metal of Venus and is said to change your
vibration so you can attract a lover.

Water Elements

You may also wish to call upon water's elementals and spirits in your rituals, or use its associations to enhance their effect.

Although water is technically clear, it is associated with shades of blue. Medium blue represents water used for healing physical conditions, such as increasing hydration. Deep blue is more attuned to mental and emotional aspects of water. Water that is blue-black has to do with spiritual matters, and is usually associated with the subconscious. Water can also take on shades of green, gray, or indigo, depending on your purpose. Use different colored glasses or pitchers, such as cobalt blue, to lend different moods to your water.

Any sort of receptacle can represent water, such as a chalice, cup, goblet, or cauldron. Mirrors, too, can represent water's reflective surface. But don't limit yourself to the usual household objects. Sinks, buckets, puddles, silver spoons, birdbaths, umbrellas, washing machines, garden hoses...anything associated with water can be turned into a magical tool. The sea, fog, or rain can all be used to perform water magic, too.

Many flora and fauna can be symbolically used to represent water. Exotic flowers such as water lilies, jasmine, gardenias, and roses, and the herbs yarrow, Irish moss, and sandalwood all complement water rituals. And of course the graceful willow is always found growing near water sources. All animals that live in the sea, including fish, whales, and dolphins, are obvious choices for water magic, but don't forget mythical creatures such as dragons, mermaids, naiads, and nymphs.

The zodiac signs of Scorpio, Cancer, and Pisces are all water signs, so conducting rituals during their months could add an extra boost to your desired effects.

Using stones as aquamarine and amethyst, or the metals of mercury, silver, and copper (particularly in the form of an instrument such as a resonant bell) are all excellent choices for use in water magic.

Many water-magic rituals involve an object being tossed or placed in or on a body of water, like a penny in a fountain for a wish. The surrounding waters can charge up an object, such as a crystal placed in a bowl of water under the Full Moon, or can help to purify an object with a symbolic pouring away of the water afterwards.

How you use these elements is entirely up to you. You may choose to surround yourself with pictures of the flora or fauna, add food coloring to your bath, pour a glass of water from a silver pitcher, or any number of things to honor the role of water in our daily life. When your cup is full, have a drink in honor of life.

Chandra Moira Beal 2007
Magical Almanac: Practical Magic for Everyday Living

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