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Spiritual development is a vastly misunderstood subject which has often got lost in mysticism and religious ceremony. You are an amazing entity that has chosen to experience life on the Earth plane.

Spiritual development should be all about learning to utilise your higher abilities. For example, great prophets have repeatedly manifested abilities such as; mediumship, healing and astral projection.
By comparison, most religious leaders demonstrate few of these basic skills.

Do you want to switch on your higher abilities faster than ever before ?
Do you want your spiritual growth and training to make you more capable in your everyday activities ?
Do you want new ways of enjoying life on Earth instead of retreating from it ?
Do you want real spiritual development that gives you access to your Free Will ?
Then download the free


Order of Bard Poetry Vol.1
All proceeds from the sale of this pdf booklet go to the
Chancellors Fund


PDF Booklet Sedna Inuit Goddess of the Sea

The story of Sedna Inuit Goddess of the Sea
 including information on the planet Sedna and the
astrological aspects of Sedna

When Sedna appears this is to tell you to stop being a victim,
to change the pattern of being a victim and to empower yourself.


Degree Manuals

All Degree manuals plus Living the Wiccan Life are available for purchase.
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