Lustration of the Living Temple of Sedna 2021

Oracle for Temple of Sedna Regional Lustration of the Living 2021 

(12 November 2021)

Progress and achievement of past goals according to standards set have been accomplished and have been honoured and given recognition of deserved success.

Strengths and talents have helped cut through confusion.

Keep moving in this direction until the finish line is reached, help and support of others will lead towards victory.

Things will change In a positive way, it is now a time for celebration of success already achieved.

It is time for creative birth and potential fulfilled, a time of growth with all things reaching maturity, work is needed now to attain future success.

Allow empathy to guide with compassion.

Harmonise with our inner feelings and emotions and surround ourselves with beauty

It is time to nurture spiritual gifts.

Patience, honesty, kindness, and loyalty will be rewarded

Traditional values are an advantage.

Honesty and sincerity will lead to success.

Let go of past mistakes.

Lustration was attended by temple members from the UK, France, Belgium and Sweden